Fully Bespoke Shirts

Why settle for a baggy shirt?  Choosing the fully bespoke option gives you a shirt that is tailored to suit your every need.  Perfect for that special occasion, a wedding, to stand out from the crowd or just to work in the office and feel smart.  Our bespoke shirts are made for you, and you alone, offering a fit that you simply cannot get from a shirt off a hanger. It is a meticulous process and one that ensures each shirt has its own unique qualities.  Each hand cut shirt contains a minimum of 20 stitches per inch and is made using traditional methods finished off with mother of pearl buttons.  You have the choice between a range of outstanding fabrics from some of the best suppliers: Swiss Cottons (Alumo), Italian fabrics (Monti Tessitura), Ringhart Shirtings and Acorn Shirtings, to name a few. 




The Fully Bespoke Experience

1)  To start off the process, we will have a consultation to fully understand your shirt requirements.  This is the stage where you'll select your shirt style, fabric, collar type and style of cuff.  You can also order monograms to make your shirt even more special.

2)  After that, a sample shirt will be made for you.  At this stage, any alterations can be made before your final product is put into production.

3)  Due to demand, shirts will be processed within 4 weeks of initial order.

4)  Your shirt/s will be ready for collection.  Alternatively, your shirt can sent to an address of your choice.


Option 1 - Starting @ £175

1x Bespoke Shirt with consultation, initial fitting, own pattern and choice of extras.

Option 2 - Starting @ £300

2x Bespoke Shirts with consultation, initial fitting, own pattern and choice of extras.





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